The Holidays Descend – How our Goats help us Cope

News at Blue Rock Station:
The holiday season is in high gear – even the weather map has a young thin woman holding an expensively wrapped gift in the background. It’s all meant to show the joy of giving. But as I am constantly subjected to these types of images whenever I leave Blue Rock Station, I have to ask myself – just how much joy is in the giving?

That image of the young woman is a part of a greater image that used to make me depressed during the holiday season. The year I met Jay I seemed to wake up in so many ways, but I also came to the conclusion that if I wanted a good time, or a great memory to hold onto I could create it myself…now that’s a novel idea isn’t it?

Breaking away from the messages of our society isn’t so easy, but for our family and lots of our friends, this is a season of making things for each other, doing for each other, and getting together for some terrific lovingly prepared food, Continue reading The Holidays Descend – How our Goats help us Cope