A busy weekend

This weekend was a busy one at Blue Rock Station. On Friday, we sadly said farewell to Beth, an intern who worked hard on the housing chalet. Of course, we had to throw her a party. This year will be an exciting one for Beth – she will be studying a semester in Peru and then will spend another semester studying immigration Tucson, Arizona. Fittingly, we through her a world traveler party equipping her with all she needs in her upcoming adventures: a wand adorned with a compass, a shawl, a bandana, a water bottle and more. She tried on some of her new presents:


Then, we ended the night as we often do with some intense matches of badminton. We all wish Beth the best of luck!

On Saturday, we took a group of boy scouts on the tour of the farm. Afterward, our other group learned all about llamas and enjoyed the beauty of the woods on the llama trek. The llamas also enjoy the trek – here, Baxter peers out into the trees during our lemonade break:

Sunday we hosted over forty people at Blue Rock Station. On their tour, they learned about sustainable living, all of the animals, the construction of the Earthship and more. All of the interns discussed their projects, including the garden, the intern chalet, the privy and the rocket stove. Afterward, they ate cookies, drank lemonade and sampled our homemade goat cheese. It was an educational and fun day for all! If you are interested in attending one of the tours or workshops, visit bluerockstation.com for a list of upcoming events.


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