Through tears and smiles

It’s been a tough summer so far for the critters at Blue Rock Station. Parasites, chickens randomly killed or missing, and now our beloved Jojo is going to pass on to the next life. I can hardly stand the thought.

Maybe I should be comforted by the knowledge that he really shouldn’t be alive anyway. His mother died right after he was born and he was left to starve. But another llama had just had her cria so she took pity on the tiny chocolate whining baby llama and raised him as her own.

We bought him to be a companion to Baxter, our prize llama, and he’s been a good one. So full of life, with an attitude that wouldn’t stop. Loving to humans and eager to investigate anything and everything. He loved to sniff a woman’s neck, which endeared him to everyone.

I’ve learned in my time here that the weakest animal usually continues to be the weakest, and a bad start in life usually means a tough fight all of that animal’s life. I’ve also learned that everyday or perhaps every moment is a gift and I need to use it to its highest purpose. I’ve treated Jojo as a gift, from the moment I saw him, to the moment he won the pink ribbon at the county fair to now.

But his time has come and it is a fact of life that all of us must pass from this life. I’m used to giving life, not letting go of it. But I also have the opportunity to give him rest, and I have not made this decision without a fight for his life over the past year.

So we will all say “Farewell” to our boy through tears and smiles.