New Year Begins

January 1, 2012

TODAY’S Happiness factor:  9 out of 10 (we both have a slight case of the flu)

68.3 F in the house  41.2 F outdoors  8:29 AM


Today’s Menu


Omelettes with toast


Baked potato with toppings

Salad from the greenhouse


Curry Soup



After a restful night’s sleep (we stayed up until 10 PM watching Dr. Finley videos, which is quite late for us), I stayed in bed until 8 AM because I wanted it to be light outside when I got up.  It’s unusual to stay in bed for so long but I was savoring the comfort and warmth of the bed.  The dogs were anxiously waiting for me at the bedroom door since I had disturbed their routine.

For the moment I don’t think anything is out of the ordinary.  Jay got up at 5 AM to write and drink coffee.  The woodstove was blazing by 8 AM, and there was hot water for a proper cut of tea.

Yesterday Ryan Evans sent a post to say he’s visiting with his great friend Chad the glass blower this next weekend.  And Mike Voellmeke confirmed he’s visiting the next weekend to work on the rocket stove book so we can get it completed and printed.  Some friends are joining me here for lunch on Wednesday, and others on Thursday.  My social calendar runneth over with those who bring intellectual stimulation and great joy to my life – at least for next week (let’s hope the great weather holds).  The only thing missing will be Sam, who goes back to Ft. Gordon and the Army this week.  It’s clear to me that his leaving will temporarily bring down my happiness factor, but I am dreaming of traveling to Hawaii to have time with him, fishing, snorkeling, couch surfing and just generally enjoying his company.

This sounds a little selfish to me, but today I plan to telephone some old friends I haven’t talked to in ages, and read cookbooks, plus maybe finish my Marlene Dietrick biography, if my eyes will read that long.  Oh, and I’ll cook two meals (Jay will make the big breakfast since he really enjoys that).  I’m hoping Catlyn will be here with her fella, Devyn Kennedy, and, of course, Sam.

At breakfast we’ll drink a toast with a little hard cider, watered down with spiced cider (a gift from my adorable cousin Vicki Perkins).  We’ll tell jokes, share gossip from what went on last night at New Year’s and we’ll talk about the WHIZ TV interview.  This is the stuff that makes life complete.


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