THANKS FOR NOTHING MONTH DIARIES – January 7, 2012                7:45 AM

67.8 F  indoors            44.2 F  outdoors

Sunny all day – we’re practically the Florida of Ohio




Fresh fruit with Greek yogurt

Bagels with cream cheese


Butternut Squash Soup


Rye bread and butter


French toast

Energy was high for all of us yesterday – so much sunshine that it seemed like spring.  Ryan didn’t visit because there was a mix-up in plans.  He’s planning to be here next weekend for two days, which is a better idea – more time together.

One of yesterday’s challenges was the sunshine.  The Earthship’s living room doesn’t need much heat from the woodstove on a sunny day, and to make more of a challenge it was also warm outside – nearly 60F.  If the fire died I didn’t have any way to stick with the menu (no heat source), so we kept it going but opened the door to the sunroom.  If I’d been thinking I would have retrieved the cardboard solar oven early in the day.

At 3 PM we drank our afternoon tea at the Overlook.  It is difficult to sit down in that location (like when Nans Thomassey sits at his prayer lane seat overlooking the Rhone-Alps – see his FB page profile photo) and not feel like I am the richest woman on Earth.

Jay’s been clearing the brush from our part of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains – the hillside we call “the million dollar view”.  The ridge that’s really more than a mile away, as the crow flies, is visible, and all of the land in between is part of Blue Rock Station. 

The birds are deep into the woods these days but on a warm day it is clear how alive everything is. The breeze was cool to our faces,  The dogs and cats were all running around looking for something to get into.  Life was teaming around us.

Jay was full of the latest information from his research on our new book “When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine”, and I was savoring the view.  As we drank our tea I felt like my soul was whole…completely full of whatever a soul needs to be full of to be healthy.  

It’s clear that if we Americans, and the rest of the world, want to have a more meaningful existence (not based on what we own or can purchase), we need a new definition of “wealth” and success.  We could start with the Happiness Factor criteria as our basic definition, but then I’m not in charge of such things. 

What happens if we measure our success in life by our health, our expectations, our family, etc.?  The whole world would turn completely around.  In fact, I’d think it would be near impossible to get us to “re-think” the words “rich and “success” without some major shifts in our cultural life.  Sigh…

Miss America came outside (she usually shuns the sun unlike her American kin), and snapped some photos of our time together.  She’s been particularly “un” American since this whole THANKS FOR NOTHING experiment began (after the second day with the issue of transportation).  I’m wondering how long we can be thankful for no energy so we can keep Catlyn with us (instead of Miss America).  She’s been a joy these past few days..

Yep…I am definitely rich, and may I add, successful?


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