DIARY February 2, 2012

38 F outdoors           61 F indoors


Image Steven Turville, budding Ohio University photo journalist tries pickled beets for the first time.

Yesterday was terrific!  Even though I was sick, it was warm and the sunshine made up for feeling bad.  I took a little nap in the afternoon, then sat out at the overlook with the sun in my face.  That was so healing.

Steven, the Ohio University student photo journalist arrived on time.  While I cut pussy willow whips he snapped away.  Then he followed me around while I was trampled by goats.

Isabella, the hen with the chicks, was supposed to begin staying in the chicken run since she hates the dog kennel.  That required a lot of chasing around after biddies, and Sophie running one into the fence.  The photographer was out of breath, running after me as I tried to make sure all eight of the little buggers got in with their mother.

Sometimes I wonder why I commit to such things as photo shoots for students.  I am about as photogenic as a mud wall.  Usually I couch this part of my vanity by saying, “It’s impossible to capture my true essence”.  When, in fact, there just hasn’t been a camera invented that can make me look good.  Then, if you add to the fact that I’m chasing biddies, or being pushed around by goats – you get the picture.

The reason I agree to work with students though is that they need practice.  I’d much rather help them practice, then pay perfectly good money to a lawyer, a medical doctor or a dentist, who all profess to be “practicing”.  I often wonder why they are still “practicing”.  They went to school, they have a string of degrees and they make tons of money.  I’ll stick to the students.

Today I will be practicing being sick.  I’m going to do chores and see if I have energy for hanging out the laundry.  Otherwise Carolyn the cat and I are going to finish reading a book.

Image We’re still using the candles after dark – it’s a very relaxing atmosphere