Are we what we eat? February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012                      22 F outdoors           61 F indoors


Saturday was our first day to be together after the THANKS FOR NOTHING month so we talked about having an excursion of sorts – going to McConnelsville OH to the Blue Bell Restaurant for breakfast.  Jay tried selling me on the idea by pointing out that they had oatmeal, plus I wanted to do some shopping at the hardware store downtown.

Image Jay and Cat at the Blue Bell, across from the Opera House (built in 1892)

McConnelsville ( is situated in what they’re now calling “The Front Porch of the Great Outdoors”.  It is a marvelous place to visit – still a working town with shops, an opera house (showing films on weekends and live music the third Saturday of the month), and four terrific museums, plus a downtown hardware that seems to carry everything.  Jo-Ad’s Market is a first rate market with bulk foods, homemade goodies, a cafe for lunch, and a place to sit to watch the traffic.

The Blue Bell has been around since the 1950’s – maybe even before that.  The walls are covered in rock ‘n roll memorabilia.  There’s a daily special, ice cream, and country fried steak on the menu.  If you eat there, you’ll absorb enough grease, just from the ambiance, to last you a lifetime.  Jay and Cat love the place.

As Jay and Cat placed their orders of well-done steak with eggs (for Cat) and country fried steak with eggs (Jay) and everything smothered in gravy I honestly felt I might gag.  I kept conjuring up how that would taste and it didn’t seem likely that I’d enjoy even one bite of it.  I ordered oatmeal with raisins and peanuts (from the ice cream sundae bar).  I would have much rather just watched them eat – well maybe not.

ImageJay’ breakfast

Image  Cat’s breakfast


When the food arrived they were salivating at the thought of how it would taste.  I was just the opposite – trying not to look too closely at the plates.  When I took a photo of their food and said I was going to write about the restaurant, Cat insisted I take a picture of my food too.

After a “leisurely” meal we walked down the street to the hardware store to buy some hooks and a strap for the goat field gate.  Jay traveled on to the bank.  When we finished our shopping Cat and I started walking across the street to Jo-Ad’s when we saw Jay coming towards us.  He thought we were meeting him at the bank so he started walking up and down the street looking for us – life in a small town.

At Jo-Ad’s we ran into people we knew who had seen Jay walking up and down the street so they waited to speak to us.  We also had a nice conversation about the Chesterhill Produce Auction with Rubin Yoder, the owner of Jo-Ad’s.  We’re in Mennonite country in this part of Morgan County so there are lots of Yoders and Millers. 

As we drove around the Civil War soldier at the roundabout we were sure to notice what film was playing at the Opera House.  Cat had been given two free tickets to the movie TIN TIN when we were checking out at the hardware store.  Life on the farm – it’s grand.



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