Dear Best Friend;

Blue Rock Station Diary                                                  February 23, 2012

66 F indoors                 41 F outdoors


Dear Kati (my darling Hungarian best friend);

ImageChristmas caroler and Kati in Cambridge OH – Kati has a great sense of humor and a fine intellect, as you can see from this silly photo.

Life is so darn full – getting ready for the goats to have baby kids.  Just returned from speaking at the OEFFA conference.  Cutting willows every day until my arms wear out.  Cooking good food and enjoying myself immensely – Lots of interns applying but right now I’ve only accepted four – all women.  That should be interesting.

Jay and I are going off to Marietta this weekend for a weekend special at The Lafayette Hotel that overlooks the Ohio River.  We decided to have a getaway because we’ve been steadily busy – he gets up at 5 AM to write, and I’ve been working full out with such great weather.  On top of all of that I’m editing the book in the evenings so we’re justifying our time away as a bit of a retreat (marketing strategy for the new book) and then off to a great meal and the comedy show.

After THANKS FOR NOTHING MONTH in January I was officially weaned from the radio, and I’m still not listening to it so Jay occasionally (not to overload me) fills me in on some of the politics – nothing good except that it IS official that Obama is a dictator that promotes anti-Christian sentiment.  I was glad to learn that because now I can at least rest easier to know the Obama will be winning the next election.

The latest thing on Facebook is that the Girl Scouts promote homosexuality.  Honest to heaven, what’s next?  This is why I don’t want to hear the news.  If the world is going to hell in a giant explosion I want to know that I lived this day to the fullest and I couldn’t do that if I thought you, and everyone else I love was going to die today.  So I am doing what I can to make the world a better place without being told the latest bullshit from the mainstream media.

Life’s so full of normal worries these days that I could pinch myself.  During our time in Europe, when we were struggling to hang onto our Miss America, we dreamed of a day when all we had to worry about were things like annual repairs to the buildings, too many intern applicants and her gap year before she returns to college. 

ImageTaken at our 30th anniversary, here we are looking good – Kati has a great fashion sense…I admire her greatly for many reasons.

My biggest worries are not our health, or how to pay the bills but if I’ve done everything right so the goats will have an easy kidding, and how many chicks to order, or how to keep the two yellow roosters from mating with the hens I want to collect eggs from for hatching.

It all brings me back to the HAPPINESS FACTOR and how truly wealthy I am.  Yesterday, after trimming the rose bush (I call it Aunt LaVerla – it’s over 200 years old) so I can start some slips from it, I walked down the lane with the dogs chasing each other, and Carolyn Cat running beside me.  It struck me hard that life is good because I can savor those very moments…I’m not seeking anything else but the company of two happy dogs and an adorable cat.  My world is really amazing, and I get to be in it every single day.  I’m going to savor every moment.

I miss you…bisous…. Annie