Ilana Comes into the Herd

Today was my first full day at Bule Rock Station Farm. This morning as Annie and I were taking care of the morning feeding, Eleonor, a French Alpine/Sanaan goat decided to take a liking to me. She rubbed her head over my jacket so by the end of morning chores I had many little hairs to remember her by. I was told by Annie that her rubbing her head on mine was her initiation into the herd, or in other words a great warm welcome to her herd as well as promise for a great friendship to come.

I was also very excited to see her two kids, Elijah and Ellen. They had also taken a liking to me and decided to come over to play. I think this happened because of their mother’s obvious sign of approval.

After chores, I decided to show a flower to Annie that I wanted to learn more about. The flower (others would call it a weed) is Henbit, or its scientific name Lamium Amplexicaule. This plant grows eagerly, and is thought to be a cruel weed, but in fact it is had many medical uses including relieving diarrhea, stopping bleeding from small scrapes on the inside or outside of the body, reduces swelling from insect stings and heals small burns(Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West By Gregory L. Tilford). To say the least I think this wonderful plant should be thought of in a better light and applauded for its helpful remedies.