A Day Working with “Dirt Bags”












This is day two of working at Blue Rock Station, and what a day it was. This morning I went with Jay to a college architecture class, where he talked about sustainable design. I really enjoyed the presentation; during the presentation he talked about various peaks in oil, coal, and natural gas. A main question that Jay poised was, “Why do we build things the way we do?”. The answer is because that’s the way they do it. Things are made the way they were made before because these are the ways that individuals were taught. Another part of talk was about the fact that there are many ways to integrate passive solar into design whether in creating new buildings or refurbishing an old one. He also gave a little energy history, which I found quite interesting. I am considering purchasing his recently released book When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine.
After the presentation we picked up some lime plaster for the flexible formed rammed earth wall (aka earth bag construction or as I like to call it “dirt bag construction”). We then went on to pick up some delicious ice cream after stopping to pick up some 2x4s for various projects around the farm.
Also as a added bonus Persa came today. She will be stopping by throughout the summer to work on projects like the dirt bag wall, but, most importantly she is the designer of a new privy ( a bathroom – I did not know this word before I came) for the entrance of the farm. The building will also have a green roof that visitors can go up and look at. Today Persa came to work on a test wall that surrounded a garden bed near the green house. I got my first experience with rammed earth. This was both fun and tiring. Shoveling, tamping, and moving wheelbarrows this summer will definitely help me develop better upper body strength. With a great supper and including leftover rhubarb crisp I pronounce today a wonderful day.