Becoming a Enharradora








Today during morning chores I went up to the milking room and had my first chance to milk a goat at Blue Rock Station, Eleonore did quite well. I learned that milking is a skill that needs to be quite often – to be done well. I am sure by the end of this summer I’ll be great at milking these goats. After having a meeting about the upcoming build Persa and I started to prepare to earth plaster the wall we built yesterday.
One of my favorite parts of the day was feeding Ernest, one of Pinkie’s kids. He wasn’t doing so well last week. Thankfully, after feeding him and his sister, Etta Mae with Annie’s new infant bottle technique (using a 10cc syringe without the needle) they are doing just fine.
Who says men are the best construction workers? We “enharradoras” are going to give them a run for their money. Enharradora is the Spanish word for plasterer, as I learned today. Mud plastering was traditionally done by the women of Mexico. Today was my first experience in cob building. I have been anticipating working with cob for many years. We mixed the clay and hauled it up to the earth bag wall. This day was full of shoveling dirt and flinging clay. I have to say this schedule is much better then any gym schedule to acquire upper body strength.