Ohio is a Great Place to Pick Up Chicks

Today was our day off at Blue Rock Station, however, a day off on the farm is never complete without daily chores. As usual Etta May and Ernest were fed along with all the other goats on the farm. Feeding chickens is what happens next after Tilly and Eleonor try to get a few bites of extra feed.
On our day off Annie and I went to Newark to do several errands. The first stop was at the Muskingum County Library to suggest buying Jay’s wonderful book When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine. While Annie was talking to Thomas (the man at the library who would decide to purchase the book), I went upstairs to look at a quilting exhibit. I enjoyed seeing the skill and effort that went into the garments.
After this we went to drop off a book to an eager purchaser of the book at the Licking County Planning Office. We then stopped off at the Newark library but the man who Annie was hoping to chat with was out to lunch. With that in mind Annie and went to lunch at a delightful authentic Mexican restaurant. We made the joke it would be quite funny if a Mexican restaurant admitted to be ing inauthentic.
Next was a stop at Goodwill to pick me up a wonderful set of bib overalls since yesterday my overalls got quite a bit messy. At the end of this we stopped for tea and creme buele, which was quite nice – in spite of the overly sugared and out of season fresh fruit on top.
We stopped off at Tractor Supply Store to get feed for the goats and a few other things for the farm. This leads me right to the most important part of the day and that was the picking up of baby chicks. Annie had given a teacher eggs to hatch for a class and at the end of the lesson they gave them back to the farm. There were 27 beautiful little fluffy chicks. Isabella, the hen that has been waiting to receive her babies received the large amount of chicks very well tonight. She cooed to the newly adopted chicks when we placed them under her wings and butt (it was dark and she couldn’t see). We will have to see tomorrow if all is well with them but Annie is quite hopeful. So I guess it is true that Ohio is a great place to pick up cute chicks.