Playing in the Dirt with Elton John










Today Annie and I went out early – before morning chores to check on the chicks. Thankfully, when we got to the milk room, Isabella was already cooing over her beautiful new babies. I am so happy that she is an amazing momma of 27.
Ringo, one of the llamas on the farm has not been doing well. Annie and Jay are doing the best to take care of him, but are worried that his days are numbered. All the other animals on the farm are doing well and I hope Ringo gets better. Ringo was a rescue llama and because of this Annie and Jay don’t know his age.
Annie went to town this morning to get groceries and I was put to work on cleaning out garden beds. As I weeded I lessened to a good variety of 60s,70s, and 80s music. Jay quizzed me on who the artist were. To say the least I was not the best at guessing the artist, but I did enjoy Jay’s company and funny side comments.
After the garden beds were weeded I planted kale and cabbage. Both of these plants are in the brassica family, so Annie suggested that I look up companion planting. Companion planting is a very helpful gardening technique that prevents pests and diversifies the garden environment. I looked up the information in Annie’s book, Natural Gardening Blue Rock Station Style. This book gave me a whole reference section on companion planting and suggested putting plant like chamomile, peppermint, dill, sage, and rosemary near brassica plants. I decided to put chocolate mint ( a type of peppermint plant) in with the kale and cabbage because it was easily available and was dug up from where we had made the earthen wall earlier this week. Tomorrow will be my first workshop and tour that I get to help out with. I am looking forward to tomorrow and all the things I will do.