Pounding Tires in the Rain

Today started on a sad note: Ringo died this morning. Ringo waited for Annie and then left this world. So I started my morning helping to dig a grave for him.
Thankfully I got to feed Ernest this morning, that brightened my heart. This is how farm life really is – there are both sorrows and joys. In life it reminds you that life is fragile and precious.
After chores we started to prepare for the Earthship workshop. We had hosted a young man the night before (Chad). He helped dig the grave, and then assisted with preparing the canapes we made for tea . We made different types but the most delicious had lemon cream cheese and mint leaves (one that I invented).
I swept the floor out on the porch which was almost impossible since the brick floor is not sealed.
As the individuals started to arrive the dark clouds started to roll in and a little bit of hail started to fall down.
When the second to last individuals came Jay decided that we should start showing them how to pound earth into tires, before the weather got worse. Why were we pounding earth into tires you ask? Well the house that Annie and Jay live in is made out of reclaimed tires. An Earthship is a design for homes made by architect Michael Reynolds. If you want to know more about how rammed earth tires work you can come to an Earthship workshop.
As we pounded in the pouring rain Jay gave great explanations on how to make tire walls and how the process of building the home worked. I got to learn so many things in the workshop about this special house (I have been walking around in this very house for a week.). I am so happy to be staying with Annie and Jay and learning about all the wonderful things on the farm. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy their company and for all of the things I’m learning.

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