Striking Out and Whispering to Llamas

Today was off to a normal start with the usual chores like feeding the goats and chickens, but then Jay told me that that we were going to round up the llamas. That news meant that I needed to wake up Cat (Annie and Jay’s granddaughter) so we could have all hand son deck. We all took hold of a rope so we could gather the llamas into the corner. This worked with all but one llama, Maxwell (the head of the herd) who decided to prance around and show us who is boss. Annie did eventually get him to come, and the whole thing included Jay playing a game of tag with him.

After all of the llamas were tied up, Cat and I started brushing the llamas. Llamas are naturally very timid animals and because many of Blue Rock Station llamas were rescued, we have to work at winning their trust and allow them to become more confident llamas. We combed the llamas coat. I made sure I paid special attention to both Rita and Jude. Jude is the most skiddish of the llamas. As I combed his coat I told him that I believed in him and that he would learn to trust me.

After we did our best combing out the llamas coat, Annie, Cat and I went to a pro-choice bowl-a-thon. This was in Columbus so the drive was long but worth it to support the cause. I took a wonderful nap on the way there. After the bowling game we went to a wonderful Thai restaurant and ate coconut ice cream for dessert.

We came back to the farm late , the goats were not happy with us and were getting into a little bit of trouble. We fed the kids which is always my favorite part of the day but today I got a even better treat. Today Jude allowed me to feed him from my hand. Annie has not been able to do this before and has proclaimed me a “llama whisperer”. It’s one of the most amazing things to gain an animals trust. I feel so lucky to have gained his trust. I will keep working with Jude, so he can be the best llama he can be.