I’m a Llama Whisperer and I’m Ok

Today was a day filled with hauling, chopping, and stacking wood. Jay originally said this would be a two hour job – this job took the day. We did have a few breaks and enough water so we could finish the ever growing stack of wood at our feet.

The first job was sawing the wood with a chain saw, and then hauling the wood out and putting it in a huge pile near the garage. Then, after many hours, water, and sweat we started to stack the wood back up inside of the garage for Annie and Jay’s winter supply of fire wood. There is still some stacking to go, but we got 80% of it back where it all started.

With all of this hard work done for the day, Annie decided that we needed to go down the hill to eat some ice cream. We went to a place near the house ate our ice cream on the porch over looking the beautiful Muskingum River.

Then back to the farm so we could feed the goats, and put the critters to bed. Ernest and Etta (goat kids) are now at 100% – I know this because their tails are staying up most of the time, and they’re eating well.

My last stop was out to the llamas. Today Jude came up to me and acted as though eating out of my hand was the norm. The cool thing about the llamas today was that I got all the llamas to eat out of my hand. Annie was amazed that Pepper was willing to do this because he has never been willing to do this before. Annie has now insisted that I need to put “llama whisperer” on my resume.