Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Today was a slower day at Blue Rock Station. I finished stacking the firewood from yesterday into three majestic stacks. By then I was quite tired and so I decided to take a most delightful nap. After the nap I checked the menu – my turn to make lunch – potato pancakes. This took awhile but everything was delicious to eat plus, I made enough so that we have leftovers for another day (yippee!). I then went out to take some measurements for the front entrance garden bed. Now I at the point of sketching a design.

Then it was off to do chores. I wonder why some individuals seem to dislike chores? At least for me they are the best part of my day. I guess it is because my chores include feeding baby goats and socializing llamas. The fact is that it is the little things in life that make life a grand experience.

Today I chose to work with Jude with a socializing wand (an old fishing pole with the hardware removed and a little piece of leather on the end of the pole). This wand allows llamas to get used to human touch and relate human affection with food. Who said that “Food is the way to a person’s (or animal’s) heart”? After collecting the hens and making sure the few stragglers got into the chicken chalet, I gathered the eggs.

As I went to put away the socializing stick a neighbor’s dog, a German shepherd, came across the field and jumped over the brush fence. I yelled at him to “get”, as I picked up a stick to threaten him. Hence the name of the post, hope you enjoyed my day – I sure did.