Seed Banks and a Couple Bottles of Beer

This morning I went through the huge box of seeds that Annie lovingly calls the “seed bank”. My goal was to figure out what seeds I want to start to fill in the design I’ve been working on for the front entrance to Blue Rock Station. Then Annie and I discussed what we were going to plant over this growing season and where we were going to plant them.

Later we went into McConnelsville to buy cheese from a Mennonite grocery store and to pick up some soil (we used up all of the compost starting seeds). This soil will help us start the next round of seeds and begin the long process of creating a garden.

While Annie and I were out we decided to stop by the local recycling bank to get glass bottles for the new privy that will be built at the end of the month. I was so excited when we found almost a full box of blue bottles. Blue bottles are the rarest, and in my opinion the prettiest. I felt like a pirate coming back with a great loot.

During evening chores I continued to work with Jude. He is slowly but surely getting more used to the social wand. After the chores we planted potatoes in big tires near the cherry trees. Annie said at least we got something in the ground today. Tomorrow is our day off, but I’m sure Friday we will continue the process of getting seeds started.





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