I’m Loving These Goats

Back reporting the daily post. I have realized that writing a post everyday takes a lot of effort. Jay says doing anything everyday takes a lot of work. This morning during chores I picked up Tulip and Tess individually to begin socializing them. Annie has been disappointed that we haven’t handled Tulip and Tess that much because we have been very focused on getting Ernest and Etta Mae all better. So for the last couple days or so I have been handling Tulip and Tess so they can get used to the human touch. They are still learning there names. Luckily Tillie has been a great momma and has been feeding them without any help from us. It is now part of the daily routine to play tag with them – they are great sports. The cool thing is that all the kids take part in the game as I try to get Tulip and Tess to spend some time with me. Tess did one of cutest things – she placed her head in the crook of my arm and took a nap.

Annie and I started the long hard process of mucking out the goat barn. Its amazing how much goats poop. Although the smell was not the most delightful thing I have ever smelled before, I am glad for all the wonderful compost we are getting for free.

After chores and mucking out were completed we started putting seeds into trays to test their viability. I then helped Jay level out a space by the Overlook measuring 12’x 20′. Yet again there was some shoveling to do. Then we placed the first two sections of the deck that will be a part of the foundation. Jay finished the third and it looks beautiful. This area is for the new canopied eating area that we’ll need for the annual week long build at the end of the month.