An Auction and a Rescue Mission to Save a Goat


Today started out as most days do with the task of daily chores. The kids were as cute as ever. Ernest was extra hungry this morning and was getting a little jealous that I was paying so much attention to Tulip. It was as if he was saying, “Hey that’s not fair. Why is she any more important then me. And hurry up now, I’m hungry”. Ernest now will go into the milk room all on his own, eagerly awaiting his daily ration of fresh goat milk. Sometimes he is very patient, and other times he cant get his milk soon enough.

After we got back from chores, we received a frantic phone call from Persa. Her goat, Agnes has not been doing well. Persa took the goat to the vet but the vet forgot to check for anemia. After a dose of a medicine to kill the parasite that’s causing the problem, everyone is hopeful she’s going to recover. Annie and I met Persa half way out between here and Persa’s farm to deliver a batch of supplement that would allow Agnes to get better and in essence stay alive.

After we saved the day (and hopefully the goat), Annie and I drove a long way to the Chesterhill Produce Auction. This auction is supported by Rural Action, a non-profit group that helps rural communities. Annie bought a food drying rack, bulbs, bread, leads for the llamas, gloves and many other things for the household. The were so many cool things available – from fresh produce to a wood burning stove. As Annie did some bidding I helped collect the records of the purchases and calculate the running total. I met very nice individuals who work there like Matt, an America Core volunteer, and Tom, the manager of the auction. I am so glad there are places like these auctions that help local farmers support themselves.


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