Building the Overlook Canopy

Today started out like most days here on the farm – morning chores. Then I helped Jay and Persa map out the site for the new privy.

After pounding in the stakes to show the footprint of the building I planted the rest of the geraniums and sowed cosmos and marigold seed. These things kept me occupied until nearly lunch time. I stopped planting because it was about to rain and Jay had taken the mule to do some other chores.

In the afternoon I help Jay build the frame of the Overlook Canopy. We had to cut down some saplings to create the support pieces of the frame. We each carried saplings up a steep hill to get to the site where they would needed. I got to use a mason bit and toe nail some nails. This took us some time to make sure they were plum and level. They will be some more work tomorrow with the canopy We are hoping to get the canopy completed before the build at the end of May so people can eat outside with a beautiful view.