A New Kid Comes to the Farm

Today was my day off so this post will be short and sweet. I took the opportunity to sleep in and then went off to do the morning chores. This morning Persa, Jay and Annie had a very long meeting to put together the schedule for the week of the build. We then had Katie and Lace, Annie’s friends, over for lunch. Katie made a beautiful chicken stir fry, with all sorts of great tasting vegetables.

Then we set off for the Chesterhill Produce Auction. Today was a produce auction which was slightly smaller then the consignment auction on Saturday.

But I have to say my favorite part of the day was coming back to find that Lillie, one of the goats that was pregnant, had successfully given birth to a beautiful baby girl. We named her “Lana” after me. I have never had a goat named after me before. I am so excited to be a goat godmother. I get to be a surrogate goat mother to Earnest and a goat godmother to Lana. What more could a 20-year-old girl ask for?